Silver Nanoparticle Conductive Ink (for Inkjet Printing)

Silver Nanoparticle Conductive Ink (for Inkjet Printing), Research Grade
Item# NovaInk-Ag-NP
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Product Description

The Silver conductive ink is a silver nanoparticle-based ready-to-use paste with excellent conductive performance. It has a uniform particle size distribution and is inkjet smooth. It has wide applications in flexible circuit boards, RFID, touch screen, OLED, etc. It can be used for a variety of substrates including glass, paper, hydrophilic treated plastics.

Silver particle size: <200 nm Silver content: 15-20 wt%

Ink viscosity: <15 cP

Curing temperature: 100-120 C for 1 min

Sheet resistance of formed film: <1 ohm/square